Best ribbon mics under 200

If you’re looking for the best of the best in ribbon mics under 200, look no further. We have compiled a list of the 10 best ribbon mics under 200 on our own personal experience and research.

Our top picks include some of the most well-known and highly rated options on the market, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible product for your needs. No matter what your budget is, we have a ribbon mics under 200 that’s perfect for you. So take a look and find the perfect one for your needs!

10 Best ribbon mics under 200

Golden Age Project R2 MKII Ribbon Microphone

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as of May 18, 2022 3:43 am


  • Ribbon Microphone with Figure-8 Polar Pattern

Monoprice Stage Right Series Ribbon Microphone (625908)

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as of May 18, 2022 3:43 am


  • Timeless Sound: The LR100 combines modern design with an ultra-thin, 4 micron ribbon for a perfectly natural and classic sound.
  • Industry Standard For Electric Guitars: The LR100 is exceptional at cutting midrange harshness from overdriven amps, smoothing out your tone.
  • Active Electronics: The LR100 features an active design that retains the classic ribbon mic sound, while producing an output better suited for modern recording equipment.
  • Modern Design: Unlike vintage ribbon mics, the LR100 features a robust modern design that eliminates the fragility associated with older designs.
  • Built to modern specs, making it ideal for a much larger number of sound sources, including electric guitar cabinets, drums, brass and woodwinds, and more.

Nady RSM-5 Ribbon Microphone - Unique compact shape perfect for close miking, includes microphone clip and soft cloth pouch

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as of May 18, 2022 3:43 am


  • Low-tension 45mm long, 2-micron thick aluminum ribbon design with rich, warm, classic ribbon microphone sound characteristics and realism with fast, accurate transient response.
  • Unique compact shape for easy, unobtrusive microphone placement perfect for close-miking guitar amps, cabinets, brass instruments, strings, pianos, percussion, vocals, room ambience and more
  • >135 dB SPL capability
  • Supplied with a microphone clip and leather pouch

Golden Age Project R1 MKII Ribbon Microphone

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  • Passive Ribbon Microphone with Figure-8 Polar Pattern

MXL R144 HE Heritage Edition Ribbon Microphone

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as of May 18, 2022 3:43 am


  • Adds character and dimensions to a variety of sources
  • Figure-8 polar pattern and 20Hz-17 kHz frequency response
  • Included: Black shock-mount, carrying case, and cleaning cloth

MXL R144 HE Ribbon Microphone Heritage Edition with Case, Shock Mount, and Pop F

$139.95  in stock
as of May 18, 2022 3:43 am


  • Perfect for a musician who needs a workhorse ribbon mic
  • Mellow sound with a rich midrange and rolled-off top end
  • Figure-8 polar pattern that captures instruments and room sound
  • High SPL capability - ideal for horns and electric guitars
  • Compact design that makes mic placement easy

Microphone Flex Cable PS5 Controller Microphone Ribbon Cable For PS5 Controller Mic

$13.99  in stock
as of May 18, 2022 3:43 am


  • For PS5 Controller
  • Replacement Left Right Inner Microphone Flex Cable
  • Left Right Flex Cable,Controller Not Include.

And a Ribbon Mic

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as of May 18, 2022 3:43 am


Release Date2018-10-12T00:00:00-04:00
Publication Date2018-10-12T00:00:00Z

Soyuz Microphones Launcher - Analog In-Line Microphone Preamp and Activator for Dynamic and Ribbon Mics

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as of May 18, 2022 3:43 am


  • MAGIC LITTLE BOX - The Launcher is not meant to be transparent and clean like other “gain boosters” and audio amplifiers on the market. It was specifically designed to add color and character to your microphones and bring your sounds to life. The Launcher features a custom hand-wound transformer and an analog circuit that provides a warm texture and clarity that will make your mics "open up" and become more three-dimensional in any signal chain.
  • DREAM IN COLOR - Whether on the stage, in the booth, or in your bedroom, the Launcher is plug and play and gives your dynamic and ribbon microphones the ability to perform incredibly with virtually any interface or preamp by optimizing the sound of your source, boosting your gain by 26dB, and lowering the amount of audible noise in your signal chain.
  • COUNTDOWN TO THE PERFECT SOUND - The Launcher is the culmination of years of beta testing and feedback from musicians and engineers around the world. We did not stop until the winning combination was found. The Launcher’s custom transformer and proprietary circuit have become one of Soyuz’s most closely guarded secrets.
  • TAKE YOUR SOUND WITH YOU - If you have a passion for recording music, producing podcasts, or just love creating, the Launcher will take your sound to the next level. You don’t need a huge studio to have a huge sound– the Launcher will get you there no matter the time or place.
  • HANDMADE & ORIGINAL DESIGN - Each Launcher is individually handcrafted in our own facility to give that old school, magic sound to your recordings using only a common dynamic or ribbon mic and an ordinary interface.

sE Electronics DM1 Dynamite Active in-Line Preamp for Dynamic and Passive Ribbon Microphones Bundle with Blucoil 2-Pack of 10-FT Balanced XLR Cables, and 5-Pack of Reusable Velcro Cable Ties

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as of May 18, 2022 3:43 am


  • BOOSTS SIGNAL LEVEL OF LOW-OUTPUT MICS - The sE Electronics DM1 Dynamite provides 28dB of clean, transparent gain perfect for dynamic and passive ribbon microphones.
  • PROVIDES CONSISTENT GAIN - The 28dB gain remains consistent regardless of the connected load because of the dedicated output buffer amplifier.
  • ENSURES LOW NOISE - The state-of-the-art FETs and transformerless design of DM1 provides the lowest noise, giving you 100% uncolored tone.
  • REJECTS ELECTRICAL INTERFERENCES - The rugged metal housing of DM1 Dynamite provides efficient rejection of noise and electrical interference. You can use the mic on stage or for studio recordings.
  • INCLUDES - sE Electronics DM1 Dynamite 1-Channel Active Inline Preamp. 2-Pack of Blucoil 10-Foot Balanced XLR Cables - Premium Series 3-Pin Cable for Microphones, Speakers, and Pro Devices (Male-to-Female). 5-Pack of Blucoil Reusable Velcro Cable Ties.

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